chicken a'la dona

by dona
Chicken breasts are very boring, but you can make different variations of delicious dishes out of them. I made this one 5 years ago, and as I didn\'t know the name, we called it chicken a\'la dona. It\'s very easy and healthy at the same time, good with spaggetti or rice or with salad:)I make several variations of it, but now, I\'ll write the original recipe.


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chicken a'la dona Directions

  • 4 pcs of thick chicken breasts
  • 1 package of frozen spinnach
  • 4 t/spoons of ricotta cheese or any other cheese
  • salt, pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 4 t/spoons of flour or bread crumbs

მომზადების წესი

cut each breas( in case they are thick), put some salt and pepper and beat them well so that they are flat

mix togather spinach and ricotta, add some salt and pepper

spread the mix on the breasts,


roll them and tie with the tooth picks

dip in the egg mix


and then in the flour of bread crumbs


dump them in the hot oily pan and fry well from all sideschicken_a_la_dona

as the checken rolls are thick, they must be coked covered on the low tmeperature so that it cooks well inside and the meat is not raw.