chicken and egg rolls

by dona
This great dish was inspired by Nino\'s bade blinebi, so copy right of the design is fully hers, I just created the stuffing for them. The best time for dinner leftovers is lunch. I love using them for lunch and create something funny and yammy, that is healthy and light at the same time. it\'s very simple and you can always improvise the ingredients using the stuff that is left in your fridge from last night.


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chicken and egg rolls Directions



  • 1 egg
  • one cup of milk
  • one cup of water
  • pinch of salt
  • two tablespoons of oil
  • one cup of flour
  • the consistency must be something like thin yogurt so that you can easily pour in to the pan


  • one chichken breast (or dark meat)
  • two boiled eggs
  • one cup of frosen chopped spinach
  • one cup of grated cheese ( any type)
  • salt, pepper
  • salad leaves for wrapping outside the stuffing

მომზადების წესი
  1. make the thin dough and make thin pancakes,
  2. fry them from both sides
  3. cut all ingredients (chicken, eggs) into small cubes
  4. mixx everything togater and worm in the microwave so that cheese melted and all flavours are mixed togather
  5. place the pancake in the plate, put salad leave on top and put one table spoon of the stuffing inside
  6. Roll them and make small tubes
  7. they are very light, healthy and refreshing.