Bean Salad with onions

by dona
About 10 years ago my family used to cultivate beans in our land in village and we got about 500kg of beans every year. We sold some and used the rest for ourselves. In order not to be tired of eating cooked beans all the time, we used to create and make different types of dishes out of it. This bean salad used to be one of my favorites.


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Bean Salad with onions Directions

  • 4 cups of cooked beans
  • 1 cup of thin sliced onions
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 table/s of butter
  • Half cup of fresh cilantro leaves
  • 1 tea/s fenugreek (ucxo suneli)
  • 1 tea/s safflower ( kviteli kvavili)
  • 1 tea/s coriander
  • 1 tea/s paprika
  • Salt

მომზადების წესი
  1. You can also add half a cup of chopped walnuts, though it’s different recipe in Georgia.
  2. After you cook your bag of beans take the desired amount of hot beans from the pot and place them in the bowl
  3. Add all ingredients and mix well together. When the beans are hot, they absorb all the flavors easy. If the dish is dry, add some more juice from the pot.
  4. In case you want to use canned beans, heat them first and add all the ingredients after that.
  5. asy and delicious.